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Where quality and integrity meet: your local custom butcher shop


From snack sticks to bulk sausage, brats to bacon, we know how to treat meat right. Our treasured recipes and expert curing processes ensure your summer grilling and winter breakfasts are unforgettable. 

Our prepared meats include: 

  • Ham and bacon

  • Brats and wieners (in many varieties!)

  • Snack sticks (cheddar, BBQ, pepperoni, jalapeno, and more)

  • Summer sausage and sausage links

  • A wide range of bulk sausages

Call us for these and other options!

sausage and brats
Delectable meats
hunting venison

Bring your trophies from the hunt or livestock from your farm or ranch: We can handle your beef and deboned venison, and will make sure you are satisfied with the finished product. Unlike most shops, we guarantee that you get your venison - and just your venison - back, for no extra fee. It's your meat, and we'll make sure it stays that way!

Custom processing
Quality packaging

Precision cutting and secret recipes aren't enough to give you the perfect product: proper packaging is essential to ensure freshness and convenience. Our vacuum-packed method locks the flavor into easy-to-use packaging. Your meats will be packaged, labeled, and packed in boxes - ready to store, share, or cook up right away. 

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Butcher shop


Founded in 1968 by Niden Mincoff as Mincoff's Meat Market, our shop has been a local fixture for decades. Now owned by three brothers - Chad, Jeff, and Ben Miller - Conrath Quality Meats continues the tradition. 


Mon: Closed
Tue: 7am - 4pm
Wed: 7am - 4pm
Thu: 7am - 4pm
Fri: 7am - 4pm

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